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New Ultrasonic Sensor

New Ultrasonic Sensor Turck has expanded its ultrasonic sensor series with the RU50-Eco for price-conscious OEM projects. Because of the latest sonic transducer technology, a new ultrasonic sensor was developed, which does not make quality compromises despite its price. The devices are in a plastic threaded housing made of highly durable liquid crystal polymer (LCP); [...]

Compact Ultrasonic Sensors with IO-Link Technology

Compact Ultrasonic Sensors with IO-Link Technology To further diversify our ultrasonic sensor portfolio, Turck has released a compact ultrasonic sensor with IO-Link technology. The cost-effective design of this sensor still offers the advantages of a standard ultrasonic sensor as well as communication and advanced functions via IO-Link (Version 1.1). The new device can be taught [...]

IM12 Cabinet Condition Monitor for Non-Hazardous Areas

IM12 Cabinet Condition Monitor for Non-Hazardous Areas Turck announces the IM12-CCM (Cabinet Condition Monitor) cabinet guard, a device capable of monitoring moisture and temperature limits while also detecting incorrectly closed doors. As an added benefit, the device monitors unauthorized access to switch cabinets, providing protection against manipulation in compliance with IT security regulations. The slim [...]

BEEP Technology

BEEP Technology Turck introduces BEEP, the Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol. BEEP is a new technology that has been integrated into many of our multiprotocol digital block I/O modules. BEEP allows a network of up to 33 devices (1 Master + 32 Slaves) or 480 bytes of data to appear to the PLC as a single [...]

Automation Award 2017

Automation Award 2017 With an impressive 31.9% of all votes, Kübler achieved 1st place for the new Sendix S36 motor feedback systems. The Automation Award is the most important prize in the automation industry and is presented annually at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg. Five products are nominated in advance by a [...]

Featured Product

Turck's M12 X-Code Connector Improves Data Transfer with Up to 10 Gigabits per Second Ethernet High-speed transfers reduce data bottlenecks and increase efficiency for high-end applicationsWith the ability to transfer…
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What’s New – Spring Edition 2017

Featuring: Graceports, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Measuring Amplifiers, and more

What’s New – Fall Edition 2016

Featuring: PLC Functionality, Argee Technology, Ethernet Spanner, Ultrasonic Sensors, Graceport+

What’s New – Spring Edition 2016

Featuring: Stainless Steel Q08F, Turck Software Manager, Pressure Transmitters, 2-wire Stainless Steel Sensors, Connectivity Catalog, and the IM21

What’s New – Fall Edition 2015

Featuring: Temperature Measuring, Pneumatic Cylinders, Cylinder Sensors, Industrial I-O Link, M8 Industrial Ethernet Cabling, I-O Link and Inductive Coupler App Note

What’s New – Winter Edition 2014

Featuring: IO link and IO link products, Safe level measurements in Hazardous Locations
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