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Virtually all Chemical plants have instrumentation and other electrical devices in hazardous areas. Whether they are as easy as a Division 2 or Zone 2 areas, or as demanding as
a Division 1 or Zone 0 areas, Turck Canada has the expertise to tie in your devices safely and efficiently.

A simple signal or two can be handled through Turck’s Intrinsically Safe
Isolators or Zener Barriers. A whole plant full of signals can be managed through a myriad of Networking options from Turck. The BL20 system can be used in a
general purpose or Zone 2 area and has many protocol options. Turcks famous ExCom® system has now expanded to offer Intrinsically Safe I/O for both Zone 2
installation and Zone 1 installation. Components of the ExCom® system are hot-swapable, even in Zone 1, so costly shutdowns and hot work permits won’t slow you down.

With 30 plus years of experience in the I.S. world, Turck Canada and Turckcan find a solution that works in your plant.

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