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Demand for automation to trigger workforce changes in 2018

By: James Walker

Demand for automated services from consumers and business customers will increase adoption in 2018. New predictions on the reach of automation and AI suggest an initial backlash against job losses will “fail” as people start to see benefits in the tech.

“Tipping point”

Analysts Forrester expect automation to gain a significant workplace presence next year, as indicated by the firm’s latest predictions. As reported by Forbes, demand for the technology will reach a “tipping point” before the end of 2018. This will lead scores of new companies to invest in automated systems as they compete to offer improved customer experiences.

The growing numbers of AI bots for use in call centres, administrative tasks and personalised apps won’t be without their critics. However, consumers are expected to abandon their hostility to the technology as they become acquainted with it. After using a robotic helpdesk or AI-powered smart home, people will come to recognise the efficiency improvements that automated facilities can offer.

As demand and familiarity rise, so will general backing for automation. The political backlash will fade as enterprises, public bodies and governments seek to incorporate automation into their own processes. Companies will find themselves racing to qualify as an early adopter, intending to reach customers early and win them over with a more efficient experience.

Reshaping the workforce

The trend will have a pronounced effect on the workforce. People in primarily administrative roles will start to find themselves under threat as AI develops new capabilities. The loss of people from these positions will be offset by a rise in open places for technical roles.