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What’s New

What’s New – September 2019 
Featuring: QR24, Inclinometer Sensor, Linear Displacement Sensor, Deutsch Connectivity, Solutions for Mobile Cranes

What’s New – June 2019 
Featuring: Encoders for Safety, TBIP Hybrid Module, IM12 and Permanent Electrical Safety Devices PESDs

What’s New – April 2019 
Featuring: Key Technologies, Data and Communication Solutions, Predictive Maintenance

What’s New – December 2018 
Featuring: IO-Link, Hot Spot Monitor, Voltage Test Station

What’s New – May 2018
Featuring: Hybrid Saftey, BEEP Technology, Ethernet Spanner, Ultrasonic Sensors

What’s New – 4th QTR 2017
Featuring: IP67 Codesys, Hybrid Safety, Pressure Sensors, HMI Cover Kits

What’s New – Summer 2017
Featuring: RFID Sensor and Tag, Compact RFID, Ethernet Spanner, Minifast Receptacle, GROK IT RFID, Grace Sense

What’s New – Spring 2017
Featuring: Graceports, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Measuring Amplifiers, Weldnut Sensors, Pump-out App + Alarm, Draw Wire Encoders, M36 Encoder, Slip Rings

What’s New – Fall 2016
Featuring: PLC Functionality, Argee Technology, Ethernet Spanner, Ultrasonic Sensors, Graceport+

What’s New – Spring 2016
Featuring: Stainless Steel Q08F, Turck Software Manager, Pressure Transmitters, 2-wire Stainless Steel Sensors, Connectivity Catalog, and the IM21

What’s New – Fall Edition 2015
Featuring: Temperature Measuring, Pneumatic Cylinders, Cylinder Sensors, Industrial I-O Link, M8 Industrial Ethernet Cabling, I-O Link and Inductive Coupler App Note

What’s New – Summer Edition 2015
Featuring: Senfix F58, Multiprotocol I/O, IO-Link, a special birthday celebration & extremelife™ -60 cables

What’s New – Winter Edition 2015
Featuring: PA Cables, Male connectors, Compact Sensors, I/O Station & Contactless Encoder

What’s New – Fall Edition 2014
Featuring: IR viewing Windows, BL Compact, Overmolded Splitter, Compact Multiprotocol, RFID Capabilities

What’s New – Summer Edition 2014
Featuring: Expanded multiprotocol ethernet offering

What’s New – Spring Edition 2014
Featuring: Compact IP20, Sendix Profinet, Mobile Automation, Sendix SIL Encoder, Draw Wire Encoder, NIC series

What’s New – Winter Edition 2014
Featuring: IO link and IO link products, Safe level measurements in Hazardous Locations

What’s New – Fall Edition 2013
Featuring: Satety Gateway, Weldnut Sensors, Westec, BL Compact, Voltage Indicator

What’s New – 3rd Quarter 2012
Featuring: New Industrial Ethernet Multiprotocol technology, Ethernet Cable, Advanced I/O Module, BL67, Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet Switches, BL20, SMS Relay

What’s New – 2nd Quarter 2012
Featuring: Powerfast Disconnect Switch, Q42 Inductive Sensor, Sendix Incremental Encoder in Stainless Steel, Draw Wire System for Demanding Applications, 50th Anniversary

What’s New – 1st Quarter 2012
Featuring: BL67, Modular I/O System, Ethernet Cable with High-Flex Jackets, Compact In-the-Cabinet, Distributed I/O, CAT6 RJ45 Field Wireable, IP67 Ethernet Switch, IP20 Ethernet Switch, IP67 RJ45 Field Wireable

What’s New – 4th Quarter 2011
Featuring: Sendix- Heavy Duty Encoder, Compact QP08, Connectivity Capabilities, RFID Write/Read Head, High-Flex Cable, Inductive Sensors Timers

What’s New – 3rd Quarter 2011
Featuring: Extra-Duty UL Type 3R Housing, Valve Adapter for I/O System, BL67, CAT6 RJ45 Field Wireable, Temperature Signals without RTD Input Card, IM21-14 Rotation Monitors, 1500 Series Terminal Blocks Time Cubes

What’s New – 2nd Quarter 2011
Featuring: Data-Linc Group, SRM6200 Communication, Interface I/O Extenders, Relays, Mobile Equipment Sensors, Rotary Inductive Sensors, Inclinometer for Slope Angles

What’s New – 4th Quarter 2010
Featuring: Han® HC Modular 250, Fast Track Switching for PROFINET, Han-Eco®, Han® Q12/0 PCB-Adapter, The Medium Voltage Vision® Indicator, Magnetic Encoder, PS300 Series, NPN Outputs for C-Groove Magnetic Cylinder Position Sensors, JBBS Junction Brick for AS-Interface®, M12 Adapters

What’s New – 3rd Quarter 2010
Featuring: S300-F/G-SG-ST2/ST4 Series Han-Compact® hoods, Han-Yellock®, IP20 I/O Stations for AS-interface, Networks Ethernet Cable with High-Flex Jackets, True Torque Connectors, Compact Sensors, Absolute Encoders

What’s New – 1st Quarter 2010
Featuring: Mobile Equipment Vehicle Sensors, S12 Quick Connect, Harting Han Q 5/0, SMS Relay, F36 Encoder Harting, Han Gigabit Module, S62-Y Series

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Turck's M12 X-Code Connector Improves Data Transfer with Up to 10 Gigabits per Second Ethernet High-speed transfers reduce data bottlenecks and increase efficiency for high-end applicationsWith the ability to transfer…
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